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Operating Instructions

Driving a Morgan for the first time can take a little getting used to!

The first thing to remember is that the front wheels are way in front of you so it takes a while to familiarise yourself with positioning the car at junctions and through corners. If you set off from a junction a fraction too soon, it is easy to put the nose of the car into oncoming traffic!
In corners, the side lights on top of the front wings make perfect sights to gauge the correct line.

The steering has no power assistance and feels heavy at slow speeds so when manoeuvring give yourself plenty of time and space. Similarly, although servo-assisted, the brakes might feel less responsive than you are used to, so again give yourself plenty of time and space to react.

The all-synchromesh 5 speed gearbox has a conventional layout. Reverse is engaged by lifting a collar on the gearlever and moving it to the right and back towards the driver.

The handbrake is a fly-off design actuated by pulling the lever towards you and when the travel stops, pressing the button on top of the lever. You will hear it engage to prevent the lever moving backwards. To release, simply pull the lever towards you until you hear a click and let go!
It is recommended to leave the car in gear when you park as an errant knee could unwittingly release it as you get out!

The wipers, washers, horn, indicators, and main beam are controlled by steering column stalks but contrary to most modern cars, the indicators are controlled by the right hand stalk so it is easy to signal a right turn by turning on the wipers if you are not careful!
Similarly, the horn is activated by the right hand stalk so unless you concentrate, your presence can be announced with a rather less effective windscreen wash.

There is a radio/CD player beneath the dashboard and a power take off for sat-navs etc. situated either side of the interior immediately adjacent the upper door hinges.

The car is fitted with an immobiliser. This is deactivated by mating a tab on the keyring with a housing next to the ignition lock. Once the flashing light goes out you're good to go!

A blanket is provided as are hats and gloves in the lockable dashboard glove locker.

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